Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chalkboard Technique Photo Tutorial

     Hello heroines and heros (aka Hero Arts lovers) out there! The chalkboard trend is very popular right now. I have been hoping from blog to blog and from Pinterst board to others and have come across it several times, that is why I decided it was a good idea to show a photo tutorial from one way to achieve this cool look. So here it goes:

                               1. To start you will need a card size piece of  black cardstock.
                            2. Next you will need a stamp or stamps of your liking and some white pigment ink.
                           3. Ink very well your stamp with the white ink,
                         4. Stamp your image on the black cardstock, preferably using a stamp press, and press firmly to get a good impression,
                       5. This is how my stamped image looked, but as you can see you have to be very careful because the ink is very wet and it can get everywhere ( if you ask me this only adds more to the chalkboard look, right ? ;)  )
                      6. Which takes me to the next step, to hurry up your process you can use a heat gun or you can leave it drying overnight,
                  7. Then I measure 1 centimeter on each side and mark it with a pencil, then I connected the measured points with a white color using a ruler, to form a border, you can also use a white gel pen or corner stamps with white ink,

                 8 . Then choose a background paper if you'd like, and based on those colors choose colors of the same tones to color your images or add some doodles and little touches if you are using only sentiments, in this case I chose a coral, an olive, an aqua and a yellow to go along my roses patterned paper,

                         9. Then add color to the images as you'd like, my ink proved to still be a little bit wet, because it got in unwanted places, but I try to remember super kind and talented Melody Ross words: "Art is imperfect", plus the chalkboard theme going on and decided not to redo it.


                            10. I then cover a white cardstock card base with my patterned paper, added my black panel with foam dots and embellish with some mini pearls.

                           I hope you like it, and feel inspired to give it a try! Hope you are all well too!!!



  1. Like your tutorial on the chalkboard technique. I need to get some white ink and give it a try.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. Lovely card - thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I keep meaning to give this technique a try, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. This has inspired me to get to it!

  3. Hi Lucy! Gorgeous card, and awesome tutorial! :-)

  4. your tutorial made "chalking" sound very do-able. thanks

  5. Looks like fun. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Wow ! It looks like real chalkboard ! Thanks for sharing and specially for making it pictorial rather than a video !

  7. I have been wanting to try this...maybe today is the day? Love your card so Fun!

  8. Love the colors on your chalkboard technique! Fun!

  9. Love the step by step pics! Great tutorial