Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tanja's Favourite from 2014

Hi stampers,

Tanja here. Today it's my turn to disclose my favorite post from 2014.
It was difficult to decide - there were so much incredible projects to see.

Finally this is my favorite:
I'm addicted to Christine's cards. And this one is just stunning:

*KLICK* to read the complete post and to see the making of video.

Now so here is my card. I also combined supplies of the same theme. But I did it a little different.


Thanks so much for visiting today AND for all your lovely comments to my posts the past few month.
I wish you all a merry christmas and only the best for the new year!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Michelle's Favourite from 2014

Hi, all,
Michelle here!  Well, Christmas is almost upon us, and it's the time of year that we sit back and reflect on the year that has been.  I've had a brilliant year with A Blog Named Hero, mainly because of the wonderful designers I get to play with!  One of those designers who has become a good friend of mine is Christine Drogt.  Here's a post she did in February this year (which happens to be my 2014 favourite). 

Hi everyone!
It's Christine with a brand new video.

Do you like reading? I wish I had more time to read, but I can't stop crafting in my free time. :) I still love bookmarks and they also make a nice little gift for friends who love to read.  So I took out some Hero Arts goodies and some of the awesome supplies from Elle's Studio and created a video on this bookmark:

Don't you think this makes reading even more fun? So check out the video so see the how-to (and also the beautiful back with paper from Elle's studio - so sorry I have no photo of that).

I love to play with all kinds of watercolor to create ombre effects or rainbows. Well, this is only a part of a rainbow, but it looks bright and makes me smile. 

Michelle here again - please make sure you check out Christine's original post HERE to see her video, and also her product list.

I decided that I wanted to CASE Christine's bookmark to make a little gift I could send in the mail. Here's what I made:

First, I cut out the bookmark shape, and shaped the top with a Stampin' Up punch. I used the same stamp as Christine, Hero Arts/Basic Grey, "Flower Dot Pattern"  (one of my favourites) with Versamark and white heat embossed it using Hero Arts embossing powder. I then got out my Kuretake watercolour palette and added some gorgeous colour in some of Christine's favourite shades (aqua and teal, and some blue as well). After that was dry, I die cut the word "hello" from the bookmark, and also from some white cardstock.  I then used my ATG gun to completely cover an identically cut piece of cardstock and stuck the watercoloured piece  to it (I used a heavy weight cardstock that has a hammered texture).  Then it was a matter of sticking the white die cut word into the space in the watercoloured card, and adding in the teeny tiny bits of watercoloured die cut card into the h, the e and the two ls. I added some coloured ribbon attached with a bow of white twine, and it's done!
Then I decided I liked this idea WAY too much to only make one, so I went a bit crazy........
 And you know I love a rainbow!!!

 Supplies used:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lisa's Favorites of 2014

Happy Holidays!

Lisa here, and for this post, I was inspired by an ombrè card by our lovely Sarah

I really liked the colors, the fade, and the circle theme. So, I took a new favorite stamp of mine from Hero Arts, stamped it onto some linen cloth, and decided to embroider over the image in different shades of purple floss. 

To tie in the circles, enamel dots that Sarah used, I did a bit of embellishing with a metallic silver floss.

This was lots of fun to make, I enjoy how it looks pretty bad until just as you finish the ombrè effect. Then it is shockingly beautiful. 

I crocheted a small hanging loop from the same metallic floss, and used some Distress Paints to paint the embroidery hoop. 

Now it's ready to give as a small gift, or even to hang on a wall. Can't wait to find a new home for it. 

Please make sure that if you're doing any last minute holiday shopping, for yourself, or someone else, to stop by our sponsor, Simon Says Stamp. We love them, their products, and especially their customer service. Go check them out.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mary Dawn's 2014 Favorite (one of them, at least)

Let's face it, I could have chosen a favorite from every designer AND every challenge. But we all know how I feel about writing words. #amirite

I love what Maya does with watercolor and some heat embossing, so I got inspired by this post from April, and got to work play.

This is Maya typing, and I'm very excited to share my first solo post here at ABNH! I must confess to being a bit nervous about this since this is such an amazing team and I've been following this blog almost since the start. I might have trashed a whole bunch of cards before I decided to be happy with the results. I might also have picked some out of the trash, trying to save them and then toss them again. I'm not saying it happened but it might have... ;)
Is there anyone (except me) who sees some new product and just HAVE to have it, only to never really use it? When the Distress Stains came out on the market I just had to have some. I got three, used them like once and then they collected dust. I recently went though my stash organizing my inks, mists, and whatnots and came across my stains. When I was trying to figure out a theme for this post I decided to try to come up with different ways to use the stains. I made three cards using some techniques I came up with while messing around. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to figure this out but I was still happy to get some nice results.

The first card I made by just pressing down the dauber firmly and swiping to the side. I made sure to use my heat tool to dry the ink between swipes to prevent the colors to blend too much. I was very happy with this effect. I embossed the greeting with white embossing powder on top of the ink. I also dropped some water on the surface and covered it with gold embossing powder, making sure to heat it up from the backside to prevent it to fly away when the water dried.

The next card I made by pressing the dauber firmly along the top of my paper and letting ink run down while angling the paper and blowing on the ink. I also misted some water to make variations in intensity. I kid you not, this was very messy. I flipped the card to get the ink in the bottom. stamped a greeting and embossed it in silver. Pretty!

I'm sure everyone who owns Distress Stains has tried this. Just smash down the dauber on the paper, making it splash out in pretty splatter patterns. Fun! I embossed this greeting in black and added a die cut because I liked the contrast of the black.
I hope you got some ideas and inspiration. I'm always happy to get to rediscover some old products. 
I chose some sentiments and do-dads from Winnie & Walter and Hero Arts and created 2 cards. I don't have the Distress Stains, but I did use Distress Markers--the way Distress mediums react with water is delicious.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you all have very Merry Christmases <3