Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Having fun with Distress Stains

This is Maya typing, and I'm very excited to share my first solo post here at ABNH! I must confess to being a bit nervous about this since this is such an amazing team and I've been following this blog almost since the start. I might have trashed a whole bunch of cards before I decided to be happy with the results. I might also have picked some out of the trash, trying to save them and then toss them again. I'm not saying it happened but it might have... ;)

Is there anyone (except me) who sees some new product and just HAVE to have it, only to never really use it? When the Distress Stains came out on the market I just had to have some. I got three, used them like once and then they collected dust. I recently went though my stash organizing my inks, mists, and whatnots and came across my stains. When I was trying to figure out a theme for this post I decided to try to come up with different ways to use the stains. I made three cards using some techniques I came up with while messing around. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to figure this out but I was still happy to get some nice results.

The first card I made by just pressing down the dauber firmly and swiping to the side. I made sure to use my heat tool to dry the ink between swipes to prevent the colors to blend too much. I was very happy with this effect. I embossed the greeting with white embossing powder on top of the ink. I also dropped some water on the surface and covered it with gold embossing powder, making sure to heat it up from the backside to prevent it to fly away when the water dried.

The next card I made by pressing the dauber firmly along the top of my paper and letting ink run down while angling the paper and blowing on the ink. I also misted some water to make variations in intensity. I kid you not, this was very messy. I flipped the card to get the ink in the bottom. stamped a greeting and embossed it in silver. Pretty!

I'm sure everyone who owns Distress Stains has tried this. Just smash down the dauber on the paper, making it splash out in pretty splatter patterns. Fun! I embossed this greeting in black and added a die cut because I liked the contrast of the black. 

I hope you got some ideas and inspiration. I'm always happy to get to rediscover some old products. 

This month the returning parts of the team has been sponsored by the amazing Freckled Fawn. I hope you go check them out, they have some lovely products!

Don't forget our current challenge, it's all about layers. Fun, right? 

The prize is generously sponsored by Simon Says Stamp.

Thank you so much for stopping by, take care!


Monday, April 21, 2014

So long, farewell,auf wiedersehen, good bye!

     The time has come for my final day here at A Blog Named Hero; which was a home to me, not only because it was an outlet for my craftiness, but because the awesome ladies that run this machine: Linda Trace and Mary Dawn Quiridongo, you have been so kind and supportive, all the ladies from the DT, I have loved sharing and getting to know your beautiful hearts, and finally all the readers (special mention to Barb) who let me some comments that lifted my spirit and who support this blog, it was a beautiful ride for me to hop on all your blogs and watch all the beautiful cards you made to participate in the challenges.
      I will miss you all with all my heart, because, as life has been getting so difficult around here, you all have been a beacon whose light have made me feel so much better, may God bless you all!!!
      Now let´s get to the cards, this month Frecled Fawn was generous enough to send me embellishments to work with, so I made a different car for each kind of embellishment I received, thanks a lot!

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      Thank you all!!!

Gift-Set Little Easter Flip-Book and Basket


here I’am with my first solo post as a new team member at ABNH. Like the other new gals I’am also very excited.
Now let’s get started.
Because of easter I have chosen my theme.
For the easter basket I have used the Lifestyle Crafts ‘Berry Container’. To give it more structure I have stamped HAR ‘Five Line Background' with versamark onto the die cut. Then I’ve embossed it with clear powder.
While I have asked myself what more I could show you today,  I  had a brainstorm. A Flip-Book. I have loved them as I was a child. In my childhood you could buy bubblegum together with a little Flip-Book. I will never forget the smell of the Flip-Books.
 And so the idea of the gift set was born:
 Here is a little Video for you to see how it works.
Thanks for visting my solo post debut. I hope you liked it.

Important hint:
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